“There are moments which are made up of too much stuff for them to be lived at the time they occur.”

Tomorrow I’m going to go sit in a movie theater before noon (because the first film before noon is surprisingly inexpensive, even on the West Coast) and I’m going to see Tinker, Tailor,… Continue reading

No, really, I’m moving to Finland.

If I were going to have kids, I’d want them to go to school in a place with these priorities: Since the 1980s, the main driver of Finnish education policy has been the… Continue reading

Harpoon. It’s the new riding crop.


I’ll let Bernard express all this.

This is how I feel about how late it is, how tired I am, and how much more I want to do before I sleep.

“I haven’t finished yet, I still have a tattoo to get that says ‘I’m living in the moment.'”

Warning: long. This is what I’m talking about when I say the queue is full of rambles, and why I often just post stuff like ‘Beer good. Telly good. Link to thing.’ If… Continue reading

This is how Friday nights work.

Beer. Pie. Supernatural. There’s more Sherlock on Sunday. Television’s back. I’ve seen some really good movies already. 2012 has a jump on the stories. In light of which, this is the Doctor’s fiftieth… Continue reading

The hang of Thursdays.

So, five days in, I think I have one thing figured out: if you’re going to post daily, get something down before a quarter to midnight. Why not save things up and write… Continue reading

New fiction by Jonathan Carroll: Water Can’t Be Nervous

A while back Jonathan Carroll posted an excerpt on his blog from some short fiction he was working on at the time, and I remember saving this quote: …he realized memory is not… Continue reading

You can’t make me.

I’ll sit on this sofa in a sheet for weeks, do you hear me? I already wrote half my paper journal entry for the day, and I have correspondence to write, and I… Continue reading

Reasons to join Twitter #472