Going Mobile

In the past 24 hours I’ve become completely convinced that the best plan for the future is to buy a Westfalia camper van and travel around the country in it. It just needs… Continue reading

If you put the tea in front of me, I’ll drink it.

I was going to write about formative science fiction reading experiences, and how wonderful it is to be free of the idea of genre, but I can’t find a non-blurry picture of the… Continue reading

Oh, those mild Pacific Northwest winters.

These pictures were taken two days ago. I haven’t been out of the house since. I’m wearing three layers and a blanket, but at least this place has power – other areas didn’t… Continue reading

Stop SOPA Day.

…because otherwise we couldn’t post gifs of moments like this. And then what kind of people are we? Actually it is more complicated than that: SOPA on Wikipedia which a few hours ago… Continue reading

This post is an experiment.

Thoughts after Jo Walton

The Conversation With was highly enjoyable, it was tremendous fun to hear Nancy Pearl and Jo Walton Talk About Things. Some of the things that came up in conversation stuck with me, and… Continue reading

This is the post for January the 15th in the year of 2012, pristine, punctual, undelayed in any fashion…

…wearing a nice coat and a pair of boots that really suit it. Look how well it fits in with all the others!

Reasons to join Twitter #36

“I’ll belong to libraries wherever I go.”

Tonight I’m going to see Jo Walton in conversation with Nancy Pearl at University Books. Among Others was one of my favorite books of 2011. YES, I’M VERY EXCITED. This was the paragraph… Continue reading

Sometimes this is all I’ve got.

Look, internet, I made you a cup of tea: Sit down. Relax. Get your slippers & such. It’s nearly Friday.