Waiting for a bus.


….magic doors addendum, footnotery…

My mother asked me to give up books for Lent once. I was so quiet. She wanted to talk and interact more. Two days later, with me pressed up against the bathroom door… Continue reading

February. Weather.

A map of my planet. Yes, that’ll do nicely.

Authors like E.M. Forster and W.H. Auden published commonplace books, Forster after maintaining one for more than 40 years. Auden called his “a sort of autobiography,” a “map of my planet.” Forster quickly… Continue reading

Wanting or Not Wanting a Magic Door

I currently live in a neighborhood where all the houses look different. I don’t mean in architectural style, although even my uneducated eye can tell there is a certain amount of variety there.… Continue reading

“…outcry, but not a lot of follow-up.”

Diana Peterfreund has a post about internet kerfluffles and what happens when things go right. I’m signal-boosting because I remember this particular kerfluffle and I haven’t seen mention of the resulting anthology until… Continue reading

“All the islands have dubious purposes.”

I was just speculating the other day about what’s in all the blank bits on a map of New York City. Abandoned leper colonies, at least sometimes. And very happy for deep people… Continue reading

“Discard the Program when you feel like it – but go back to it the next day.”

Supernatural’s Back

…that one never gets old. #never #srsly

Reading The Internet

For my own purposes I decided to save everything I found worth clicking on and reading. I was going to do a day’s worth, but after about two hours of unrestrained websurfing, I… Continue reading