Neal Stephenson: Dear Science Fiction Writers, Please Try To Be a Little More Cheerful For the Good of Humanity

The Hieroglyph project’s first concrete achievement will be a sci-fi anthology from William Morrow in 2014, full of new stories about scientists tackling big projects, from building supertowers to colonizing the moon. “We… Continue reading

This is good.

Why the darkness? My eras are the 17th century and the apocalypse. So, elaborate conceits full of burning tires. Everyone is having sex, but so are their fleas? What a magnificent chestnut horse,… Continue reading

Metronomy – She Wants

Marching orders.

“getting ready for a record feels like being an athlete getting ready for a race except nobody trains you, nobody tells you what and what not to do, you just have to find… Continue reading

I broke my posting streak and I didn’t go back to fix it.

I was on hiatus. I saw a rainbow. I read a lot & drank a great deal of coffee and tea. It was peaceful. There were days where I didn’t want to say… Continue reading

Heard around the house.

I share a residence with a quotable individual who prefers to remain anonymous. Sometimes I like to snag the things this person says & keep them. In future, I will just tag any… Continue reading

assorted stuff from my Instapaper.

“This is the challenging and frustrating thing about our age — we’re not changing our core emotional make-ups, we’re losing discretion and discernment as to when we should express emotions.” – Click. Click.… Continue reading

Hipstamatic’s Dali Lens