“Reading is one form of escape. Running for your life is another.” – Lemony Snicket

I drink a surprising amount of tea. Twelve’s my limit.

This blog is mirrored at LiveJournal, where it originated and you have to have friended me to read it and Dreamwidth where I decided to mirror it because periodically in Soviet Russia, Journal Lives You, or something. I tumbl here and try to tweet here, although I tweet from here mostly because old habits die hard, but the urge to make matching accounts for new internet handles is fucking tenacious.

I sometimes write movie reviews for Take One under the tag Ann Linden because that is my name and I am a normal human being like the rest of you and in no way a spy, superbeing, or alien sent to study you.

The header image for my journal is from Kristina, No Penny For Them, as I just found out by googling “eat sleep read white letters t shirt,” so there’s that. I put this photo a lot of places, the right person should get the credit. The shirt itself is available from Indiebound.