March 22 2012

And this is where things get excitedly weird, because if sexuality is culturally gendered like this, and used as a means through which people articulate, maintain or outwardly realize their gender, then it’s part of gender expression.

So how much that we take for sexual orientation, seemingly innate or immutable, is in fact gender expression, and socio-culturally mediated and fluid? How does the relationship between the two work? How fuzzy is that boundary? Are there straight people whose antipathy to same-sex intimacy is primarily just a means of maintaining security in their gender identity? Are there men who sub only because they feel unable to express any femininity outside of the privacy of sexual intercourse? Sexual orientation as an extension of gender expression as a tool for actualizing gender identity which stands apart from physiological sex. Beautifully complex, isn’t it? – Un-Gendering Sexuality – Natalie Reed

[Pretty much everything Natalie Reed writes is worth reading.]

“Let us never be less inventive than the people who hate us, do you understand? Our thoughts be bloody or nothing fucking worth.” – The Rejectionist, pointing out that whether or not Jonathan Franzen hates women is just a cherry on top of all the woman-hating that’s going on these days not to mention the murder of Trayvon Martin

[Pretty much anything The Rejectionist writes is worth reading.]

Pinterest’s TOS are a little scary when it comes to your art. They’ve provided a piece of code you can put in your website if you don’t want your art pinned.

American Psycho and the Female Gaze.

Sexism and the Female Geek:

The Real Katie would like not to be told to Lighten Up.

I think the Geeklist Twitter exchange is actually just a very good example of the things that get said when people are called out on something. Geeklist has apologized, so I post this more out of interest in analyzing the dialogue itself, not as an admonition to boycott anyone.