Heard around the house.

I share a residence with a quotable individual who prefers to remain anonymous. Sometimes I like to snag the things this person says & keep them. In future, I will just tag any such posts with #heardaroundthehouse

“I’m annoyed at mySELF, for having opinions on his opinions.” #JonathanFranzenAnnoyanceLoop

“I choose not to ignore the ghosts of alternate futures or parallel dimensions.”

It being an election year, you, like me, probably start hyperventilating if you don’t get some daily dose of political outrage. Here’s today’s, via the Daily Kos (and Wil Wheaton and just about everyone else in my newsfeeds):

The freedom and liberty loving party is requiring the state to take liberty with Virginia women’s vaginas. Women will not have the freedom to refuse.

The Virginia House passed a bill 63-36 requiring that women who wish to have an abortion must submit to a “transvaginal ultrasound.”