The hang of Thursdays.

So, five days in, I think I have one thing figured out: if you’re going to post daily, get something down before a quarter to midnight.

Why not save things up and write a long post at the end of the week?

I’ve tried that, and my queue is full of really long, winding rambles that probably should never see the light of day. The midnight deadline makes me post.

Why not fuck off and just read a book?

You fuck off, I don’t tell you what to do with your internets. This is MY exercise in futility. Get your own!

In the meantime, here’s the latest outtake from my sister and partner-in-crime’s oddly oft-reblogged tumblr, xx from last night. (Yeah, it has outtakes.) (I say oddly oft-reblogged because we did not initially anticipate tumblr’s need for out-of-context captions on pictures of Tom Hardy. Never underestimate tumblr’s need for ANYthing. You have it? Tumblr needs it. You need it? Tumblr has it. I love tumblr.)

PS: I know I said pictures of Tom Hardy, and this is a picture of Cillian Murphy, but I did specify that it’s an outtake.

PPS: It’s best to scare off any serious readers before I really get down to business on this posting every day thing, don’t you think?