It’s Saturday. Saturday seems like good day to do a Links of the Week post.

Gawker’s Christopher Hitchens’ Unforgivable Mistake fell together in my head with How To Be a Fan of Problematic Things. Because things are made by and involve people. And people are deeply problematic.

From Tumblr:
Owls That Are Hungover.
Skate Bush

Not a tumblr from this week, just one that is well, well worth the time you spend reading it: The Fuck Would I Say What For, personal tumblr of the guy behind Animals Talking In All Caps, which is consistently hilarious and thought-provoking. In my opinion the personal one is even more so, despite my enjoyment of capslock added to animal pictures.

Kelly Link is on Twitter!

Batman in car chase in China.

The excitement of Doctor Who Christmas Special updates somewhat evened out by next series spoilers. #ahem #spoilersmeansdontclickifyoudontwanttoknow #hashtagsarentjustforTwitter