“Halfway out of the dark.”

We’re not halfway out of the dark. But we’re halfway through December, and whatever you think about January or February (and I usually hate them, because of all the cold and frozen precipitation involved, and my continued inability to hibernate), December is the most difficult-to-navigate of the winter months. If you do have social obligations, you would be better off with a bottle of whiskey in the corner, and if you don’t have social obligations, you’d be better off with a bottle of whiskey in the corner. You can’t go wrong with whiskey in December, actually, but you might not be able to go right without it.

So there’s half of December left, and it’s the better half, because there’s still the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and the night before that is the Merlin finale, and there’s new Sherlock on New Year’s Day, and if you’ve grasped that my holiday is about to revolve around British television, just remember, there’ll also be whiskey.

In related news (related to whiskey, and to the clock running down our time on this planet), I bought my paper journal for 2012, and looking at it, I decided I’m going to resolve to do something stupid, something I’m guaranteed to fail at, or at least something at which I will probably not succeed.

I resolve to write AND blog every day in 2012.

Every single day.

Because I’m tired of the days slipping away from me, and until I figure out a way to slow them down or relive them in glorious HoloVision, that’s the best I can do.

It’s not going to all make sense, because resolving to do that would be even more ridiculous than committing to consistent posting, and it’s not going to always be an honest portrait of my life. In fact, most of the time it won’t be. But my sister and I will resurrect Balewatch, and that’s better than an honest portrait of anyone’s life, except maybe Batman’s.

ready for this